Final results

About the project P.L.A.C.E.S. and the final outcomes

Our project has involved about one thousand students altogether, aged 7 -15 and about a hundred teachers. Our local communities have also been actively involved and have backed us up during the entire duration of this project. We have carried out a wide range of activities. We had three transnational meetings and five Project Weeks in eight different countries. Students have participated in research workshops about the host countries' legends, went on field trips to experience famous landmarks and legend related sights, took part in ICT workshops, thematic quizes, contests, games, drama presentations, dancing, fashion shows with traditional coustumes, cookery, in-class learning.Our common goal was to produce different digital and material project outputs by using 21st century teaching and learning skills supported by modern web tools. By choosing the best digital material from each partner country showing the most representative legends, we have made the final common ebook consisting of 10 chapters. With pieces from all nations, we have created a big European legend picture. Tales, myths and legends are some of the most important treasures of a nation's heritage, a culture-related souvenir. Children need to be taught myths and legends because they are models for a way of life, they teach them about national values, cultural heritage and traditions. The final result, the interactive digital book has been made in the web tool „Kotobee Author“ consisting of a variety of other digital web tools used to present our two-year project activities.You can watch the final video of all our activities and enjoy our interactive ebook here:

We have organized our pedagogical teaching methods into the common „Book of Methodologies“:

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Initial evaluation for coordinators- rep
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Initial evaluation for students - report
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Final evolution for coordinators.pdf
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