“Ivan Vazov” Primary School

“Ivan Vazov“ is a Primary and pre-secondary one, opened in 1962/1963 school year as the first VIIIth grade urban school. It has been one of the leading schools in our region for the last 15 years. There are 680 students (aged 6-14) -1 pre-primary class, 29 classes (year 1-7). There are some students with special needs, too. The Teacher staff consists of 55 very well trained and highly motivated professionals.

Our school is located at one of the busiest crossroads in town. We’re a school with traditions in education, sport and other extra-curricular activities. Our students take an active part in lots of sports competitions and miscellaneous contests on local, regional and national level, and they are almost always Number One! They like an interdisciplinary and project-based activities which give them the opportunity to conduct real research, to identify and propose solutions to real-world problems. Our parents are open to new ideas. They actively participate and help whenever they are asked to.

Our motto is to provide the students with a high-quality all-round education. We emphasize the importance of learning to learn critically and creatively. One of the headlines for the school is enhancing the European dimension of education and, for the last 7 years, we've had a profitable cooperation as partners in 5 multicultural Comenius and a bilateral one. It’s in its 2nd year now. Our school info centre is always up-to-date with school life. All events are covered here.

We work on a long-term National “School Fruit” Scheme for improving children’s diet, as well as a long-term Program “Improving the quality of education in central schools by introducing a full-time organization of the learning process”.