Osnovna škola Marije i Line

Elementary school Marija i Lina  is a large public school located in the city of Umag  only 12 km away from Slovenia and 40km away from Italy. The Central School in Umag has been active since 1954 and involves grades 1- 8. Presently, we have 761 students aged 7-15 and 67 teachers. In the surrounding areas, there are also 6 district schools where pupils attend grades 1-4 after which they transfer to Central School. In district schools subjects are taught in combined classes.

Most of the school subjects are obligatory and there are a few elective ones, such as foreign language, IT, Religion and Pottery. Apart from Croatian, Italian is obligatory from 2nd grade, since Umag is a bilingual area. Students also learn English and/or German at an early stage. There is a large variety of extra-curricular activities going on in the school. Our students are encouraged to take part in various school projects and since 2013 we have been engaged in international projects, too.

All our students and our staff are deeply concerned about the environment and therefore, we have been an eco school since 2003. We won an award for the prettiest Mediterranean-style school garden in Croatia in 2011 and we are very proud of it. Our students participate in many academic and sports competitions at school, regional and state levels, and win many awards.

Umag is a well - known tourist destination especially famous for the organization of the ATP Tennis Tournament every July, which attracts a lot of tennis fans and other celebrities.
Our school, as well as the city of Umag, is a multicultural area. Although most of the students and residents are Croats, there are also other nationalities, like Italians, Slovenians, Bosnians, Serbs, Albanians and the Romani people. Street names and signs are written in Croatian and Italian. During  Homeland War (1991- 1995), a large number of refugees from other parts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have found a safe haven here.