CYPRUS is an island on the north-east part  of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers an area of 9,251 square kilometers. The myth of the birth of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, emerging through the foam of the sea waves, can be compared to the geological birth of Cyprus, that the island rose from the ocean.
Nicosia , the capital of Cyprus, is situated at the centre of the island. It is divided in two since the Turkish invasion in 1974. Cyprus is an island with an important history. Contracting land. Charming places between yesterday and tomorrow.
Dali is located 17 kilometers from Nicosia and is the main town of the region situated near the communities of four other villages. It is the closest town to our school.

Our school is located at a village 20km away from Nicosia the capital city of the Island. It was established in 1978. It welcomes students from 5 villages in the agricultural zone. 550 students , aged 12-15 attend the school today and employs 80 teachers. Our teaching staff consists mostly of young and creative teachers. The curriculum consists of 5 main subjects such as Maths, language, History, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). We had achieved successes in different subject contests and talent reviews.

Our school takes part in a number of European and National Programmes:

  • “Unesco Programme” which is about the promotion of the cultural heritage.
  • “ Chrysoprasino Fyllo” which is an environmental program.
  • “Ef Zin” that improves and develops the self confidence
  • and the communication skills of the students.

We organize ceremonies to celebrate some important events. The School’s choir and orchestra participate in all the school functions and events throughout the year. Students also dance traditional dances during celebrations.