Heinrich-von-Kleist Schule

The Heinrich -von-Kleist school is situated in central Germany very close to Frankfurt. Eschborn is a blossoming community offering more than 24,000 jobs with a population of 20,000 . Many companies have theirĀ  headquarters in Eschborneven the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is actually located here.

Our school with its 1400 students and about 120 teachers comprises three different levels of secondary education: high, medium and lower with the vast majority of our students striving for the highest certificate of secondary education the so-called Abiturdiploma. The students start with us at the age of 10 (5thgrade) and finish after the 9th ,10th or 12th grade.

The school named after a German writer is involved in a lot of activities and programs and has regular exchanges with schools in France, Italy, Spain and the United States . As music is also one of the focusesĀ  beside languages there is a regular music co-operation witha Dutch school.English is the first foreign language of all while the students of the high branch learn a second foreign language: usually French, Spanish or Latin.