Perama secondary school

Ioannina is the most significant town of North-West Greece. It's population is about 100,000 people. It is the intellectual center of the area and it has a university and two hospitals. It is well-known as the town of legends and traditions. The beauty of the town lies in the lake and the picturesque small island
in the middle of it as well as in the ancient historical sights of the whole area. Among these sights the most well-known is the ancient theater of “Dodoni”. “Perama secondary school” is a public school in Perama, a suburb of the city of Ioannina next to the “Pamvotis” lake. Perama's population is about 1,000 people and it is famous for the beautiful cave which is located in the middle of the village.

There are less than 100 students in our school and 20 teachers. Half of the students come from nearby villages, from rural families of low economical status.
15% of our student's parents are immigrants mostly from Albania. Two foreign languages are taught in our school: English and German or French as a second foreign language.