Leonardo Sciascia School

The school “Leonardo Sciascia” takes its name from an important Sicilian writer and it is located in a little disctrict of the city of Taranto. It is situated in an area near the sea and full of nice “villas”.

Our school comprises three different levels of education: infant school – primary school – secondary school and it involves students from 5 to 13 years.
The school pays a deep attention to the students’ needs and to their families’ expectations and, for this reason, it is opened to the dialogue and collaboration with the other educational agencies of the territory.

Our school offers a wide choice of curricular and extracurricular projects linked with Health, Sport, Information Technology, Foreign Languages. Our priority is to promote the “education to legality” among students and the respect of “students with special needs”. Besides the school promotes the intercultural exchange, in fact it has joined several Comenius projects in the past.