„Ioan Opris” Primary School

Our school is the biggest school from Turda. It is situated in Cluj county. Turda is quite a big town, with more than 60,000 inhabitants. “Ioan Opris” school has got more than 800 students, their age ranging from 6 to 15. Students start studying English when they are 6.

On June 3 rd 1993 the school receives the name  “IOAN OPRIS” by the name of the local hero and priest, who was one of the supporters of Romanian school. Our school offers:

  • primary and secondary education,  
  • semi-boarding school
  • sports activities, such as volleyball, athletics, football, basketball
  • a large range of elective courses
  • a rich extracurricular offer for creating an emotional environment which help the developing of the individual abilities and skills of our pupils
  • “Ioan Opris School`s Days”, with artistic programs, students sessions of dissertations, drawing exhibitions, sports competitions, trips and summer camps
  • a genuine open dialogue among students, parents and representatives of the local community.