Základná škola 

Our school is located in the town centre, it is one of the seven primary schools in  our town., with  the oldest history, established in 1948. There are 23 classes: 11 at the first stage (pupils aged 6-9) and 12 at the second  stage (aged 10 – 14). The total number of pupils is 450 and staff 40. Our school provides education in the regular classes and classes for intelectually talented pupils with adapted content of education.

School  priorities:

  • prepare and motivate our students  for further education and training
  • teach foreign languages and work on intercultural projects  help students from disadvantaged backrounds and at risk of ESL

After-school activities :

  • sports, PC, art  and other clubs
  • children´s club for pupils aged from 6 to 10- school library

Long-term programmes and projects:

  • Innovative Teaching in Zvolen Primary Schools  - The Transformation of a Traditional School into a Modern One.
  • Project PROLES –Popularization of Research and Development  in  Forestry and Ecology.
  • Children  IT conference
  • DELESUN – Children University of Forestry