Behiye Dr. Nevhiz Işıl Primary School

Behiye Dr. Nevhiz Işıl Primary School is located in Bahcelievler,  a center vicinity which is 8 km from the biggest international airport, Atatürk International  Airport, Istanbul.

Our students range from 5 to 10. We have students from low socio-economic condition and their only chance to meet different people from different culture is those projects of  Comenius. We have 2200 students in total as we are a center-located school. I have been teaching English at this school for five years. Our school has three storeys and a gymnasium.

Our vision is to be an educational institution that aims at offering qualified education to the students between 5-10. We aimed at raising a healthy generations socially, physically, culturally and psychologically and staying as reliable, dynamic, contemporary educational institution and being loyal to Atatürk’s principles and revolutions.

Our mission is to raise people who are well-educated; succesful not just in examinations but also in  cultural, social and scientific fields; critical-minded; self-expressive; have a deep understanding and international vision.